There comes a time in your life when you need to move on and then your main objective is to determine the best and most realistic price and to achieve it in the least expensive and quickest amount of time.

Your home will probably be the most valuable possession you will ever sell and Tauranga First National is here to help.

The major steps in selling your home  are:

1.Obtain a market Appraisal              

2.Choose the right Agency & Property Consultant                                     

3 Deciding the method of sale                                    

4. Developing a Marketing Plan

5. Negotiating and accepting an offer

6. Signing the Sales & Purchase Contract

7. Settlement.

Our Property Consultants at Tauranga First National will help make the selling process an easy one. Listen to their advice as they are acting in your best interest.

Our consultants have access to potential purchasers and they have the experience of knowing what the market has paid for similar homes to yours.

Types of Agreements: You will be asked to sign an Agency Listing Agreement which will contain the terms and conditions of the agency. Before you sign an Agreement you should read it carefully and make sure you understand it and your obligations.

Our Main Agreements are;

EXCLUSIVE AGENCY covers a set period with Is Is where one real estate company agreemwent is signed and allows the agent to concentrate all their efforts into the sale of your property. This can include Auction, Tender or Private Treaty .

GENERAL AGENCY  You can sign this kind of agreement with a number of agencies. However, it must be pointed out that quite often you may not get the same benefits and service as a Exclusive Agency Agreement and therefore it may take a longer period to sell your home.


MARKETING  The sale price of your home should be based on prices achieved recently on similar properties within your neighbourhood. Marketing for the best price in the least time! Timing, presentation and advertising are all required to put buyers and sellers together for the best results. Selecting the best marketing plan to ensure your property is exposed to the maximum number of buyers is important in achieving the best price. In all cases it is important to select the newspapers, magazines and target areas which contain the most potential buyers for your type of property. Our agents will advise you ot the right advertising mix.

SIGNBOARDS:Signboards come in a number of shapes and sizes, and your agent will discuss the options available.

ADVERTISING: Local newspapers, Property Magazines,and web sites ( Ours & 3 others) usually form the largest part of the mix. On our websites Potential buyers from anywhere in the country or the world can look at your property inside and out, with the assistance of quality photo's and virtual tours online.

Your consultant may suggest a letterbox campaign with cards or flyers distributed in areas considered to contain potential purchasers.

Open Homes are a popular way of marketing your property. An Open Home is where an agent will invite inspection of your property for a limited time period, usually on a weekend.

Our huge window display is a valuable resource and is kept up to date with full colour window cards and of course is available 24 hours a day and has a high traffic flow!

Negotiating and Accepting An Offer Always have your agent handle negotiations and should you be approached directly then it is wise to politely redirect the prospective purchaser to your consultant.

Your consultant will present any offer in writing at which time you have the right to accept or you can counter the offer on terms acceptable to you. Once You Have Found A Buyer and all conditions agreed upon, the sales & purchase agreement can now be signed.

A deposit will be paid by the purchaser with the balance due as agreed. The deposit will be held in trust by Tauranga First National Trust account / or Solicitor. Once the contract is dated, it is a legally binding document.

Settlement day is the point at which the keys are handed to the Purchaser and the property becomes the purchasers responsibility.

It is important to note that until that date your property is still legally yours, therefore, such aspects as insurance remain your responsibility! Normally a solicitor will handle the sale of property. They are experienced and knowledgeable.

Should you not have a Solicitor, your consultant can assist you with a recommendation.

FINDING YOUR NEW HOME Your consultant can also be working on finding you a new home! By dealing with a company like Tauranga First National, you are dealing with Australasia's largest real estate network with approximately 600 offices throughout New Zealand & Australia.

See us FIRST, to market your home! TAURANGA FIRST NATIONAL


Preparing Your Home For Sale

So you've made the decision to sell.  The marketing plan is in place and you're ready to have potential buyers walk through your home, but the question remains...are you really ready for this?

Here are some tips that have proven to be invaluable to the successful home seller.

The right preparation and just a little investment, whether it be time or money spent on sprucing up your home, can deliver significant financial results.  Tauranga First National is familiar with, and understands, differing buyer requirements.  To help us get you the best result for your home, we have provided some tips that have proven to be invaluable to the successful home seller.  Alternatively, you can contact your local First National Real Estate agent who will be able to give you a FREE no obligation Property Presentation report on your property.

  • Consider re-configuring rooms
If you are advertising a three bedroom home for sale then that is what people will be coming to see.  Consider re-organising the rooms for the sale to show them to their best advantage.  Hire or borrow some bedroom furniture, and put excess items in storage.
  • Tidy up the garden
Keep in mind that first impressions count.  Dig out weeds, put mulch on the garden beds, keep paths and the driveway swept, prune and shape trees and shrubs, and make sure rubbish bins are clean and tucked away.
  • Get rid of clutter
Crowded shelves and drawers can make rooms and storage space seem cluttered and smaller.  Consider putting non-essential items in storage throughout the sale period.
  • Not everyone loves your cat as much as you!
If you have pets, it is also advisable to keep them out of the house, or ask friends or family if they will look after them during inspections.  Remember to air your house as well as store your pets bowls and toys prior to inspection.
  • Remember first impressions last
Set the scene for your prospective buyer.  Draw attention to your home's best features by displaying fresh flowers and hanging decorative hand towels in the bathroom.

An open home is a great way to promote your home to prospective buyers.  With the right preparation, an open home can be very successful.  For more information, call us, Tauranga First National, your local First National Real Estate agent on 07 578 6027 to discuss what is best for you and your home.

Price You Home To Sell!

Once you have decided to sell your home, the next major decision you must make is how much to ask for it.

Here are some tips to help you with the process of pricing your home.

Realistic pricing increases the odds of achieving your desired sale price.  A home that is on the market too long sends a signal that 'something must be wrong with the property.'
  • Contact your local First National Real Estate Agent - Tauranga First National
Through expert local knowledge and national strength, Tauranga First National Real Estate will estimate a price based on location, age, size, features and market variables such as interest rates, buyer demand and the availability of financing.
  • Who do you believe?
Avoid being influenced by the experiences other people havd had with the sale of their homes.  After all, no two homes, streets, or seller relationships are ever the same.  An estimate of the sale price of your home can be obtained by researching sale prices that have recently been achieved, for similar properties, within your neighbourhood.

Remember the true value of your property will ultimately be determined by the purchaser.  It is the job of your agent to plan a campaign that will enable you to maximise their offer.
  • Pricing for the market
If your price is too high, you face the risk of preventing the most important ingredient of real estate selling - a combination of prospective purchasers who are currently looking for homes in your price range.
  • Time is money
When it comes to selling your home, time is money.  Every day a home doesn't sell because it is incorrectly priced equates to additional expenses.  These can take the form of mortgage repayments, interest, taxes, insurance and maintenance.

Like you, Tauranga First National Real Estate has an interest in realising the best possible price for your home.  Sound, up-to-the-minute market experience and proficient service will assist with pricing your home to sell.

Whether you are selling, buying or investing, Tauranga First National Real Estate can help with a series of informative guides.  To obtain a copy, please phone us on 07 578 6027 or Email us: